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Jeffrey N. Johnson's collected short stories, Other Fine Gifts, was awarded an Independent Publisher Book Award (Ippy Award) for Best Regional Fiction: Mid-Atlantic His debut novel, The Hunger Artist, was a finalist for the Library of Virginia's People's Choice Award in Fiction, and one of his short stories was awarded the Andrew Lytle Fiction Prize by The Sewanee Review. His play, Affair at the Hotel Opal, was staged at the Potomac Playmaker's fourth annual One-Act Play Festival. He is a fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA), and a recipient of a “Creative Fellow” grant from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation. HIs first film, a video poem "One Old, One Young," first published in War Literature and the Arts, has appeared in numerous film festivals both in the Uniited States and abroad. HIs second short film, Lessons, was recently accepted to the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival and the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival in Santa Fe, NM. He was raised in Clifton, Virginia and earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech. He currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and twins, and is working on a second novel.


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 ABOUT  "the hunger artist"

High school art teacher Carl Rittenhaur is in line to inherit the family farm, but his guilt over the deaths of his parents burdens him from claiming his legacy. His life gets a jolt when his ex-fiancé, who had once pulled him from depression and later abandoned him at the altar, returns to town with her two-year-old daughter in tow. She is in the last throes of a custody battle with the girl’s father, and Carl has been mysteriously named in the hearings. Tangled in an old romance and a corrupt family court system, Carl must find where his true hunger lies, either for his birthright and all its memories, or for this new family that may be his salvation.



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Caught in a chaotic spiral of loss and memory, the characters in Other Fine Gifts often seek solace in their origin. From a man who has lost his home to foreclosure, to another confronting his xenophobia, to a boy in search of God in the stones of Rome, each is in need of enlightenment and redemption. Despite their limited visions and tragic losses, their struggle for memory never impedes their sense of hope.

Ippy Award Silver Medal Winner

Best Regional Fiction,  Mid-Atlantic

Independent Publisher Book Awards


People's Choice Award Finalist

Library of Virginia


Virginia Poets Database - Old Dominion University

2022 - The Texas Review Press - The Southern Poetry Anthology: Virginia  - 2 poems

2019 Potomac Playmakers One-Act Play Festival - "Affair at the Hotel Opal"

2018 IP Award Silver Medal (Ippy Award) - Best Regional Fiction: Mid-Atlantic - "Other Fine Gifts, stories"

2015 People's Choice Award Finalist - Library of Virginia - "The Hunger Artist, a novel"

2011 Andrew Lytle Fiction Prize - The Sewanee Review - "Lost Among the Hedgerows"

2006 Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation - "Creative Fellow" Grant

2006 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) - Fellowship


A dynamic collection of stories from the winner of the 2011 Andrew Lytle Fiction Prize.

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